To order banners, enter:

  • Size - The size of your finished banner
  • Stock - Select the 13 mil banner media or the bond paper for temporary signage.
  • Grommets - Leave this blank or choose grommets and the number you think you'd like.  If the designer recommends more/less grommets, that will be discussed with you and your order adjusted accordingly.

Enter the following in the Notes field:

  1. Due Date – Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for completion of your project, but the actual time needed will depend on our work load, the complexity of your job and your response time to proofs.  We will always finish your job as quickly as possible.
  2. Previous Project Number (if known)
  3. Project Type (New, Reprint with changes or Reprint without changes)
  4. Archive Artwork or not. If you have the artwork it is a waste of space for us to archive it as well.
  5. Any other information we need to process your order.

Please upload a digital file of your copy and pictures once you get to your shopping cart. Multiple files may be uploaded at one time. You may skip the file upload if your files are too large and/or you wish to deliver them directly to the Creative Services office.

These are standard product specifications. Please consult with your graphic designer to customize your order.