How do I log in?
Your account name is the same as your email address. For your password, an initial password will be emailed to you when your account is confirmed. You can edit your password any time from the My Account page (top right corner of any screen). Contact us if you are unable to log in or remember your password.
I have forgotten my password.
Fill out a Question/Feedback form (look for the green button on the bottom left of any page) and let us know; we'll get a password reset message back to you in 24 hours or less.
How do I check the status of my order?
To see the current status of any of your orders, click on the user account menu in the top right corner and look for Order History. Clicking on this brings up a list of current and previous orders and includes information about their status.
Placing a new order
To place a new order, log in and put something in your cart! You can also find old orders in your Order History and duplicate them into new Estimates, which can then be turned into a new order.
I need to upload files that are not .pdfs but it won't let me. What do I do?
Due to security restrictions, Ordant servers will only accept .pdf files. However, you can submit other types of files such as .xlsx, .docx, .png, .jpg, etc., by zipping them in a compressed folder. You don’t need WinZip on your machine to do this. Windows and Macs have compression tools included with the operating system. Instructions for zipping pc files can be found here. Instructions for zipping files on a Mac can be found here. Please contact if you have any questions
Can I save an order?
Yes. If your order has not been submitted yet, you can save it as an estimate and come back to it later. Access your saved estimates by clicking the user account menu in the top right corner, then Estimate History. You can also see estimates prepared by Print Services in your Estimate History. Orders that have been submitted can be reviewed in Order History from the user account menu.
How do I turn an old order into a new one?
Find the older order via your Order History page. Select the order you would like to duplicate and click on it to open the order view. Just above order status on the right hand side near the top, look for a duplicate icon and click that. It looks like two pages with bent corners overlapping each other. Duplicating an order turns it into a new estimate. You can then edit this estimate and put it into your cart as a new order. Please note: Files that were uploaded for the old order will not duplicate with the new order, and will need to be re-submitted for the new order. This is to ensure that incorrect or out-of-date files are not automatically transmitted with duplicated orders. If you don't have the original files, Print Services can send your old files to review as proofs. Just let them know via email or in the notes of the submitted new order and they will send you copies of the earlier files to review and approve for the new order.
I have a product suggestion.
Great! Tell us about it with the green Question/Feedback button on the lower left hand corner of any page.
I have some feedback about the site.
Awesome! Tell us about it with the green Question/Feedback button on the lower left hand corner of any page.