#10 Envelopes, San Marcos Campus


To order, enter:
  • The number you would like to order (multiples of 500).
  • Select the envelope type from the drop down list.
  • Select the envelope front ink coverage.  Most envelopes will be 25%.  If the incorrect item is selected, Print Services will adjust the job price as necessary.
  • If your envelope is to have printing on the back, select the correct ink coverage percentage from the drop down.  If not, leave the selection at 'None'.

Enter the following into the Notes field:

  1. Due Date – Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for completion of your project, but the actual time needed will depend on our work load, the complexity of your job and your response time to proofs.  We will always finish your job as quickly as possible.
  2. Previous Project Number (if known)
  3. Project Type (New, Reprint with changes or Reprint without changes)
  4. Any other information we need to process your order.

These are standard product specifications.  Please consult with your graphic designer to customize your order.